Rights of use to product and campaign images until 31.08.2024

The product and campaign images depicted on Kennel & Schmenger Schuhfabrik GmbH`s website are protected by copyright. Kennel & Schmenger Schuhfabrik GmbH shall grant the user the non-exclusive right, revocable at any time, to use the images displayed on the website at https://www.kennel-schmenger.com/ and https://www.kennel-schmenger.net/ under the following conditions free of charge for his/her own advertising purposes:


1. The granting of rights includes the right of the user to store the images on all commercial websites operated by him/her, the right to make the images available to the public either in part or in whole, the right to have the images reproduced by visitors to his/her websites on demand.


2. The rights shall be granted exclusively to the user and may not be transferred to others without the consent of Kennel & Schmenger Schuhfabrik GmbH.


3. The user is not authorised to use extracts or parts of the images, nor is he/she authorised to use them in a processed state. Alterations (e.g. essential size adjustments) that are necessary to be able to use the images are, however, permitted. You always have to use the Kennel & Schmenger Logo.


4. The right shall be granted for a limited period of time, whereby the expiry date of the usage right for the respective image file shall be indicated on the website. After expiry of the usage right, the user may no longer use that particular image. Revocation of the granting of rights or termination without notice for good reason shall remain unaffected thereby.


5. After the usage right has expired, the user shall be obligated to delete those images provided to him/her by Kennel & Schmenger Schuhfabrik GmbH in electronic form that are not included in the archiving of all of his/her websites or individual websites. Contents available in tangible form are to be returned to Kennel & Schmenger Schuhfabrik GmbH or destroyed at her request.


By downloading any images you confirm the usage rights to product and campaign images and explicitly the usage of the images, without exception, in combination with the Kennel & Schmenger logo.